Hi I  want to tell you about my game. I got to pitch at my game. I was a little shaky because I just started. I could throw some strikes but not all the time. I only threw two. One time I gave a dead ball. Don’t worry they do not die. It means they just got hit but I hit the girl in the head. She was ok. She had a helmet on. Eventually we got three outs but it was forever. My mom told me when I got home that I did a good job. And that I am just a beginner. I need to work hard at it and then once I got it then I will pitch. The reason I wanted to start pitching was because my older sister does it and I just wanted to fallow in her foot prints. She is my oldest sister. So know you know what it was like on my game.

My Thinglink about Softball Positions

This week on my classes last week of school we used a site called Thinglink. I made a thinglink about positions on the Softball field and where the foul lines are.

Do you play a sport?

If you play a sport what sport do you play?

What is your favorite sport?

This is third grade

So I am at the end of third grade and I want to tell you my favorite thing about Third grade. My favorite thing was doing math about me. Math about me is when we used multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. We had to use like the date of our birthday and make it in to a two step problem.  I chose this one because we got to be as creative as much as we wanted. I love  to be creative. We could use Mrs. E’s  awesome sharpies. She has a big variety of sharpies. So that is my favorite thing I did in my third grade year. What did you do this year?

People Should Take Care of the Earth

People should take care of the earth. Every year more and more people are littering and there is a small amount of people taking care of the earth. More and more people should take care of our environment.

     First, we don’t want an ugly earth because if people did not take care of the earth,our earth will be just a place filled with trash. People could trip over the trash and get hurt. If everyone is getting hurt the doctors and nurses will be in a big panic because of all the people in the hospital who got hurt tripping over trash.

        Second, a dirty earth is unhealthy for animals and people. Animals will be destroyed because all the trash will be at their home. For people the trash can pollute the air and the people can not breathe that air. They also can not drink the water because it is dirty. That would be very bad for us people.

      Finally, if we throw all the trash away the earth can not make more. It was not the earth who put that trash there. It was the people who littered and did not think what it can do to the environment.

So now I really hope you help others and clean the earth so the earth shines like the pretty sun. Tell others to stop littering.

My favorite person

Hi! My favorite person is my best friend Kali from Kali’s Captivating Ideas. We are best friends. Our friendship day is April 15. We love to play softball together. Whenever she comes over we play with my monster high dolls and we giggle and giggle. Her favorite colors are blue and green. She loves pigs.  We have friendship  rings and necklaces. She would love it if you visit her site at Kali’s Captivating Ideas at edublogs. Bye!

Week 5

Hi. I am going to tell you a story about a crazy cat!

Once upon a time there was a crazy cat. His name was Bob. Bob liked to chew on socks and he liked to destroy socks. One day he was so crazy he got caught in a whole bunch of toilet paper. His owners did not know until they got home from vacation which was a week later.

When they got home they saw Bob on the floor trying to get out of the toilet paper.  They picked the crazy cat up and tried to get the toilet paper off but they could not.  They called the veterinarian and she came and got all the the toilet paper off. Finally, they all lived happily ever after.

The end.

Quotes week 4

“Do not let your hearts be trouble. trust in God trust also in me”

Jesus Christ

The reason I chose that quote is because I am a Catholic. I believe in Jesus and I can tell him stuff that I am Having trouble with and then I know he will hear me even if I say it in my head. I can trust him when ever and where ever I am.

The big Indian my special place

I love the big Indian. One summer my family and I went to the upper Peninsula of Michigan and we visited the big Indian. It is in the city of Ironwood. It’s name is Hiawatha and it is built on an old caved-in iron mine. I got to stand on the feet with my mom and my sisters. It was really fun and after that I got to take a picture with just me and my sisters and we got to try climb it. but we failed. It hurt when you fell. The big Indian is 52 feet tall.


Image from

Have you ever seen the big Indian?

If you have can you tell me about your trip

Are there any special places you like to visit?

How to pitch a softball

Here is how you pitch a softball. First you get a softball and go to the pitchers mound with your glove. Then you move your arms back and then you take a step forward. Finally,  you take your arms and start at the top and make a c and after you get to the bottom of your c you release the ball. I hope sometime you try to pitch.

The reason I really like softball is because I played soccer and I did not like it because all you do is run up and down the field. Softball you can run bases. The positions in softball are pitcher, catcher, first base, second base,  third base, short stop, right field, left field and center field.

What is your favorite sport?

If you like a sport what do you like most about it?

All about the really cute Claire!

Hi my name is Claire, I have two sisters and zero brothers. I like soft ball and basketball. When I am at home I like to read Ivy and Bean books. I am from Michigan. My favorite restaurant serves Mexican food. It is called On the Border. When I grow up I want to be a doctor or if that does not work I want to be a waitress at On the Border. The thing I love most about my home is who I share it with. I am passionate about Monster High. I love Monster High. My goal in life is to live at least until I am 73 or higher. Something that is important to me are my sisters. I got embarrassed when I was dancing for my mom, my sisters, and my sisters friend and I tried to run and then do a front hand spring. I failed and landed on my nose It really hurt. I am scared of when someone yells at me.