Hi I  want to tell you about my game. I got to pitch at my game. I was a little shaky because I just started. I could throw some strikes but not all the time. I only threw two. One time I gave a dead ball. Don’t worry they do not die. It means they just got hit but I hit the girl in the head. She was ok. She had a helmet on. Eventually we got three outs but it was forever. My mom told me when I got home that I did a good job. And that I am just a beginner. I need to work hard at it and then once I got it then I will pitch. The reason I wanted to start pitching was because my older sister does it and I just wanted to fallow in her foot prints. She is my oldest sister. So know you know what it was like on my game.

My Thinglink about Softball Positions

This week on my classes last week of school we used a site called Thinglink. I made a thinglink about positions on the Softball field and where the foul lines are.

Do you play a sport?

If you play a sport what sport do you play?

What is your favorite sport?

This is third grade

So I am at the end of third grade and I want to tell you my favorite thing about Third grade. My favorite thing was doing math about me. Math about me is when we used multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. We had to use like the date of our birthday and make it in to a two step problem.  I chose this one because we got to be as creative as much as we wanted. I love  to be creative. We could use Mrs. E’s  awesome sharpies. She has a big variety of sharpies. So that is my favorite thing I did in my third grade year. What did you do this year?